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Necklace Beads

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Affordable, handcrafted Nephrite Jade beads for you to complete as either a necklace or bracelet, even maybe a series of single bead pendants. This is a once only offer as normally we only offer these as single beads. Offer expires midnight 30th January 2021 AEST.

The string of beads will be held together on a woven cord for transport, ready for you to  add your own choice of necklace or band. We recommend either a sterling silver or gold chain if being made into a necklace.

The three large beads are sourced from British Columbia and the two spacer beads are sourced from New Zealand.

We have two only of these available to subscribers of our newsletter. First in, first served.

Size: The three large beads are octagonal shaped and approximately 10mm in diameter by 7mm deep.