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Breastplate Pendant (Red Dot Special)

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Guys, this piece of jewellery will gain you 'brownie points' - big time

Gift this to the forever lady in your life, and -

  • demonstrate your commitment to being her provider and protector
  • with a gift that is modern and contemporary, yet steeped in tradition
  • a gift that will last forever and become a family heirloom
  • while complimenting almost every piece of fashion in her wardrobe

No chance of you gifting her a dud with this piece. Gift this with confidence.

This affordable, handcrafted breastplate pendant created from nephrite Jade (pounamu) sourced from Aotearoa/New Zealand. Finished to a high polish and complete with woven adjustable cord.

Size: 50mm (2in) wide. Flat on the reverse. Curved dome on front. Adjustable cord lashed to breastplate in a unique manner.

Originally a breastplate was a part of medieval armour or clothing to protect the front of the body. Thus the breastplate is associated with protection and longevity.

Small breastplates have been used by indigenous societies as status symbols and as religious icons, and regrettably during colonial times, breastplates sometimes had a more sinister purpose as an early form of 'dog tag' or identification collar. We suggest you be very circumspect in how you share that bit of history to a group of your ladies besties! 

Pounamu or greenstone is a traditional stone used by the Maori people in Aotearoa/New Zealand for weapons, tools and jewellery. Today all remaining deposits of pounamu have been vested into the guardianship of the tangata whenua, the traditional people of the land of Aotearoa/New Zealand.

Note: Nephrite Jade is a natural material. It has not been enhanced. Each item is handcrafted, there may be subtle differences in colour and pattern between items. We offer a 100% guarantee of satisfaction. If for any reason you are dissatisfied, return the item, along with its original packaging within 30 days and we will refund the entire cost of purchase.