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You are dressing for a night out, a high class dinner or lunch with someone special - and you want to look good - you will, you have impeccable style - so top it off with a classic, timeless accessory - an affordable, handcrafted bangle created from nephrite jade.

Just a few months ago this beautiful piece of jewellery was a rough rock in the wild mountains of British Columbia. Tomorrow you will experience the cool, smooth surface of crafted Jade as it slides along your arm. 

Turn the tables. Think of those times you have watched someone else walk across the room and have admired their bangle. Now you will be the person being admired.

In Chinese culture it is widely believed that Jade bangles represent the wearers good fortune and wealth. It's the ultimate symbol of wealth and power. The best quality Jade was always revered by traditional Imperial families.

Size: 68mm inside diameter. Perfect for the person with a larger hand or wrist. (If you are seeking a different size please email and we will try to source a more suitable size for you)

With a 6mm rounded profile this bracelet is a durable piece of jewellery that is not damaged by exposure to light or water. Your bracelet will last a lifetime when treated with care. A 100% natural, untreated gemstone.


Note: Nephrite Jade is a natural material. It has not been enhanced. Each item is handcrafted, therefore there may be subtle differences in colour and pattern between items. We offer a 100% guarantee of satisfaction. If for any reason you are dissatisfied, return the item, along with its original packaging within 30 days and we will refund the entire cost of purchase.