About Us

My Passion

I love carved Jade and gemstone jewellery and wearable art, whether its something that can be worn, something you put on display or simply a touch stone to tuck away in your pocket. I've been carving bone since 2007, Jade since 2010 and other gemstones since 2017. In 2014 and 2016 I was co-organiser of the New Zealand Jade Artist Awards and exhibition.

About Carved Creations

I'm John Coxon, founder of Carved Creations Australia, an online seller of handcrafted Jade and gemstone pendants,earrings, bracelets and wearable art.

As an organiser of art events I have experienced that initial thrill as we unwrap an artists creation in preparation for an exhibition; and I want to share that thrill with you. As someone that creates my own Jade, bone and gemstone treasures I have experienced the thrill of seeing someone wearing one of my own pieces.

Hopefully at some time you will find something wonderful and make a purchase that you, or someone special, will cherish forever. If you have any queries, concerns or just want to say hello please email me anytime. Have you read my blog? No! Don't stress, it's irreverent, irrelevant and irregular. Go on. You will feel better afterwards. I would love it if you signed up to our newsletter and be the first to discover new products and special offers.