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Fighting Weapon Pendant

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Bring out the warrior in yourself with this carving representative of a traditional fighting weapon used by tribal people in the Pacific, known as a Mere to Maori in Aotearoa/New Zealand

Handcrafted from British Columbian Nephrite Jade and complete with adjustable woven cord.

Size: 65mm (2.5in)

This a large piece of carved wearable art. Just right for the big fella in your life.

As a weapon it would have been around 30cm in length, was used in close, hand-to-hand fighting with a thrusting motion designed to incapacitate your foe. Traditionally such a large piece of Jade required a lot of work to shape and polish the raw stone into a usable weapon.

Buy this Jade pendant and let it ignite your fighting spirit. Wear it to remind you that giving up is not an option.