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World's Most Valuable Jadeite Necklace

Posted by John Coxon on

The world's most valuable Jadeite necklace, once owned by socialite Barbara Hutton, an heiress to a part of the Woolworths fortune, now owned by fashion house Cartier comprises 27 gigantic, vivid green Qing jadeite beads reputedly from the Imperial Court, all of which are of excellent translucency and extremely fine texture, with diameters ranging from 19.2mm to 15.4mm. The necklace is completed with an art deco Ruby and Diamond clasp from Cartier.

The origin of the gemstone is unknown as is the date when first cut, though it is believed all the beads were cut from the same stone.

In 2015 Cartier outbid competitors to purchase the necklace at an auction of Jade jewellery by Sotheby's in Hong Kong. The winning bid was US$27.4 million. The necklace made its debut in 1933 at Barbara Hutton's marriage with Prince Alexis Mdivani, as a wedding gift of the father of the bride.



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