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Opal Products

Posted by John Coxon on

Visitors to Carved Creations online store will begin to see the occasional Australian opal item listed for sale.

We have taken our first tentative steps into selling opal jewellery and hopefully over time this will grow into a more extensive range for you to choose from.

Our intention is to only sell products containing Australian opals we have sourced directly from reputable opal mining companies.

Australia produces around 95% of the worlds opals and has a reputation for producing high quality and stable gems. This in turn creates high demand, leading to high prices.

In line with our mission; being to be a reseller of affordable Jade and Opal products we will do our best to source opal that you can afford. What this means is that if you are in the market for a top quality opal, and you have the money to pay for it, then you should probably purchase from a reputable jeweller, or visit the supplier yourself. Carved Creations will be selling at the next tier down. Our opal products will be genuine, natural, untreated and they may be slightly imperfect or not of the highest quality - however for those with limited budgets they will be affordable.

As many as 10-11 different variables have an impact upon the value of opal, arguably the most important being colour and direction of colour. An opal that display colour from all angles is more desirable, and more expensive, than an opal with colour visible from only one angle. Black opals and fire opals are often valued higher than others.

The one factor that influences any decision to purchase an opal is price. If the price is greater than your budget then that budget is only going to look good on someone else. Another key factor is do you like the opal, does it make you feel good?

I have a friend who wears an opal ring. Everyone comments upon this gemstone and tells her how great it looks, except its not a real opal. Its a damned good imitation. Which bring me to my closing point.

While we would all love to wear a top grade piece of opal, remember that the vast majority of people will never know whether its A grade or B grade. So wear what you can afford like you don't care what others think


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