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Mothers Day

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How did Mothers Day come about?

According to Wikipedia, contemporary Mothers Day was first celebrated in the United States in 1908, and by 1911 a movement to recognise the day as a public holiday was underway in some countries. Prior to 1908 there are historical records of special events to celebrate mothers going back many centuries in various countries.

The purpose of Mothers Day is to provide people with an opportunity to celebrate and recognise the contribution of mothers in raising families, and their contribution to society.

Over time, like many forms of celebration, the commercial aspect of Mothers Day has been seen as an issue. It isn't necessary to buy Mum anything, its nice if you decide to do so, however most Mum's would be happy with someone making breakfast, cleaning up the house and giving her a day off. You can also create a handcrafted gift for your Mum and she will love every part of it. The recognition is more important than the size or price of a gift. Around 60% of people gift their mother flowers and another 35% gift them jewellery. Dining out is a favourite family activity on Mothers Day, however it remains to be seen how the current coronavirus outbreak may impact upon Mothers Day in 2020.

Mothers Day can be a boom for telecoms providers as the volume of calls regularly increases by 30% on that day. Get in early with your call to Mum if you are unable to visit.

The white carnation was nominated at the official Mothers Day flower by Anna Jarvis, the official founder of contemporary Mothers Day, though today, the best flowers to give Mum are the blooms she personally likes the most. 

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How do you celebrate Mothers Day? Go to our Instagram feed and share your stories on what Mother Day means to you.




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