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That Lucky Horse Shoe

Posted by John Coxon on

There are a lot of stories pertaining to the lucky, protective and mythical powers of a simple horse shoe. These range from an Irish blacksmith who allegedly shoed the Devil with a set of red-hot shoes, so painful the Devil threw them away and never returned. Another, suggests that being made of iron, a horse shoe has the power to drive off evil. It has even been suggested the crescent shape of a horse shoe wards off the evil eye. Ah the power of mythology.

Did you know that a horse shoe has seven nail holes? The number seven is considered to be lucky in some cultures. Hmmmm, maybe there is some truth in their power . . . . well leave you to wonder on that. Though most the pics I've seen off a horse shoe show them with eight nail holes - how can that be?

How should you hang a horse shoe? It seems it doesn't matter. If you hang a horse shoe 'heels up' all that is good will flow to you; if you hang it 'heels down' the good flows from you to those that pass underneath. Either way, legend has it a hung horse shoe is a harbinger of good luck.

If you are looking for that quirky wedding gift, grab a horse shoe, tidy it up, paint it silver, wrap it up nice and gift the good luck and fortune to the lucky couple. Of course, some couples adorn their wedding venue with horse shoes, no doubt hoping to scoop up all the excess good fortune running around the room.

Horse shoe rings appear from time to time. Best to wear the ring with heel of the horse shoe facing your knuckle. You really do want good fortune to flow your way. Its a ring with a difference. Again mythology suggests a horse shoe ring should be worn on the middle finger of your right hand.

If you stumble across a displaced horse shoe by accident then it may be time to invest in your local lottery. Finding a horse shoe is a bit like finding the proverbial rabbits foot or four leaf clover.

Hanging a horse shoe on your premises or wearing a horse shoe ring may or may not bring you good luck and good fortune, however if having a horse shoe makes you feel good and fortunate, then in this crazy world, how can that be a bad thing?





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