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The history of earrings is as lengthy as the history of human beings. Ear piercings have been in writings, art and archealogical digs dated back to 2500BC and were common in many ancient civilisations including Asian, Grecian and Persian empires.

While in early years earrings were worn by both people identifying as men and women, and also children, by the the 1700's earrings were considered jewellery for women. Today earrings generally accepted as jewellery for all genders and and all ages.

Ancient mariner history suggests sailors would have their ear pierced to show they had sailed around the world or cross the equator. Other stories suggest sailors would wear a gold earring for the purpose of paying for a Christian funeral should they fall overboard and wash ashore.

While contemporary ear piercings are viewed more as a fashion statement and enable multiple expressions of artistic taste; within early civilizations ear piercings were often associated with religious, ethnic or tribal identity. Even when worn for these reasons by default earrings become fashion statements, located at they are at the junction between clothing and hair, directly in line with an observers eyesight. Earrings can compliment clothing and hair styles, or contradict them, depending upon the statement desired by the wearer.

Earrings can take many shapes and forms. Studs, hoops and pole type earrings are the most common shapes, though jewellery designers apply considerable artistic license in their design. Earrings are often viewed as jewellery and a fashion statement, whereas other ear adornments may be viewed as a personal statement, sometimes as a statement against traditional jewellery, sometimes for gender, or sexual orientation identification. In reality there is considerable crossover between traditional earring jewellery and alternative fittings for pierced ears.

While the diamond industry would like to convince customers of the need for earrings to contain diamonds, the fact is that every gemstone and many other decorative materials are used to create earrings. Considerable creativity goes into the design of one-off, customized earrings. As a fashion statement earring design changes in response to evolving themes. Over the past century earring design has often been influenced by hair design or elements such as the height of collars on clothing.

Choosing an earring is a matter of personal choice. However you choose, have fun and look great,





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