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Dad's Day

Posted by John Coxon on

Okay, Father's Day, which we've renamed Dad's Day is coming up in September - for all those real Dad's, absent Dad's, stand-in Dad's, Daggy Dad's, Bad Joke Dad's and people that just fill the role of Dad when you need someone to lean upon.

Don't be lean and mean on this day. Yep the Dad in your life always needs to wear socks and jocks - well at least we kinda hope he does. He might get away without the socks - if he is just too cool for his shoes - but if he ain't wearing jocks - no let's not go there. Even though he wears them try to think of something for Dad other than socks and jocks!

You don't have to spend a lot of money - just a bit of imagination. If he has a sweet tooth just hit him with the best choccies you can afford. If he likes a tipple - well you might have to convince your Mum or your big bro or big sis to head into Dan Murphys to make a purchase. Just be ready for the quizzical look in Dad's eye when he unwraps that bottle. Sure as God made little green apples he's gunna wanna know how you got your hands on it. The truth won't hurt.

If you've got a geeky Dad you might have to gang up with others in the fam to buy him something he needs but just imagine the look on his face when he unwraps the latest gaming widget.

Don't neglect a good ol fashion book. Yep Dad's can read - sports pages, classified motor vehicle advts and large, bold headlines. There's your guide, get sporty Dad a book on sports and get geeky Dad a book on geeky stuff.

Is your Dad a fashion icon? Spend more time in front of a mirror than your big sis, does he? Gifting him the latest cashmere sweater might be outside your budget and that pocket handkerchief, no, no, no - its sits in the same group as socks and jocks - a great looking tie would be better. Though if you want something unique for Dad just browse through our store.

We have plenty of wearable Jade and bone jewellery that would be perfect for any Dad, with any taste - especially those that don't wear socks or jocks.



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