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Are You Being Served?

Posted by John Coxon on

It's spring over here in Australia, the start of the summer season.

In addition to this online store, Carved Creations has a small market stall at our local market where we sell, yes guess what, a range of gemstone jewellery.

Why do we do this? For a heap of reason, one key one being that it takes us out into the real world where we meet and actually have a conversation with customers. Secretly, its because the founder of Carved Creations just loves standing out in a paddock chatting to people!

So our first weekend stall for the summer season, and our very first sale of the season was a real 'coals to Newcastle' moment. Our first sale was a piece of polished Nephrite Jade from New Zealand to a customer from China. The home of Jade and it's long, illustrious history. Fantastic. It wasn't an A-grade, super gemmy piece or anything like that. It was a river cobble collected some years ago and given a polish. Its a nice touchstone, or pendant and we're sure will create some conversation.

The following market an elderly gentleman in an electric wheelchair approached the stall. Now we will be honest we didn't see a potential sale here but our founder is always on for a chat. So they chatted and eventually parted company.

About ten minutes later the same elderly gentleman returned to the stall and selected a nicely carved pendant created from British Columbian Nephrite Jade and paid for it with his card. A present for his wife he explained. At the moment his equally elderly wife approached. He showed her the carved piece and explained be had bought it for her. She chided him for spending his money, he laughed, handed her the gift and together they left.

Seeing that our founder was about to break down in tears we ushered him to the rear of the tent to recover.

Are you being served? At Carved Creations we love each and every person that considers buying a piece of handcrafted Jade or gemstone. We want to ensure you have a seamless process, that you purchase something you love and you will love what you have purchased.

The image above is a superb piece of carved Nephrite Jade or pounamu sourced from Aotearoa/New Zealand and created by the talented Madelyne Gourdin. Keep an eye on our store as we often feature works created by Mady.


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